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Digital Playscape

Community Design | Playful Learning | STEAM Education

Free immersive STEAM learning center located in an inner city, underserved BIPOC community

Location - Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Untitled design-34.png

Installation - 2019; Six week summer installation

Funding - $15,000 People's Liberty Grant

Design Needs - Accessible high quality STEAM education for K-12 students and educators located in an underserved BIPOC-focused community

Design Challenge - How do you design an immersive STEAM learning space where adults can be kids and kids can be kids?

Untitled design-33.png

Bridge Building - Established robust partnerships with local schools, educational nonprofits, university departments, and community leaders, leading to the development of participatory, community-based design workshops that enhanced teacher professional development and youth community engagement.

Impact - 1K visits, 120 hours of STEAM learning, 15 new community-based partnerships established, 8 teacher professional development workshops hosted



Co-founders Dr. Allison Lester & Dr. Noah Glaser explain the process of designing the Digital Playscape


Co-founder Dr. Allison Lester discusses the community-based design process and playful learning approach to the Digital Playscape on the Distiller Podcast

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